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Government Grants and Funding now available!

In 2024, the Energy Savings Trust and the UK government are championing the transition to renewable energy with a range of grants and funding specifically tailored for Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHPs), Solar PV Panels, and Battery Storage Systems.

Here’s how they’re supporting these technologies:

ASHP Grants: From £7,500 to £9,000. Homeowners looking to embrace sustainable heating solutions can benefit from generous grants covering a significant portion of the installation costs for ASHPs. These pumps extract heat from the ambient air, providing efficient heating and hot water solutions while reducing carbon emissions. The grants provided aim to make ASHP installations more accessible and affordable for households across the UK. The scheme offers grants of up to £9,000 (depending on location) and interest-free loans of up to £38,500.

Solar PV Panel Funding Grants: Up to £1,250. Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels continue to be a cornerstone of renewable energy generation. Grants and funding schemes in 2024 incentivise the installation of solar panels on residential and commercial properties. Homeowners can tap into these resources to offset upfront costs and transition to clean, solar-powered electricity generation, reducing reliance on fossil fuels and lowering energy bills in the long term.

Battery Storage System Support: Up to £1,250. Recognising the importance of energy storage in optimising renewable energy utilisation, funding initiatives in 2024 extend support to battery storage systems. Homeowners and businesses integrating battery storage with their renewable energy systems, such as solar PV panels, can access financial assistance to invest in these technologies. Battery storage systems enhance energy independence, allowing users to store excess energy for use during peak demand periods or when renewable generation is low.

0% Finance Government Loans: Up to £38,500. Available for a maximum pay-back period of 12 years. By targeting grants and funding specifically towards ASHPs, Solar PV Panels, and Battery Storage Systems, the Energy Savings Trust and the UK government are empowering individuals and businesses to embrace renewable energy technologies, driving towards a greener, more sustainable future.

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