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Limited Company - Infinite Renewable Energy Systems Ltd – was incorporated in May 2023

The Company Director and Owner of the company is Stewart Dickson, a fully degree qualified Electrical Engineer – renowned as one of the most experienced, reputable, and professional operators in Scotland – with more than twelve years’ experience in the renewable energy industry. Stewart was born and raised in East Ayrshire, and is supported by a large network of family and friends with solid ties to the local community.

About Us

The Company specialises in Solar PV, Battery Storage Systems, EV Charging Points, Air Source Heat Pumps and Boiler Upgrades for the Domestic & Commercial Sectors – offering New Installations, Repairs and Inspections UK wide.

Since its inception, Infinite Renewables has been contracted to support a large number of UK Insurance Companies with warranty repairs and remedials for Solar PV, Battery Storage and EV chargepoint installations.

Workmanship is always completed to the highest possible standards that our Company can offer, and we hold a Company-backed Guarantee – and are accredited by MCS, HIES, NAPIT, and Trustmark. We were added to the Gas Safe Register in 2024 following the introduction of our new Heating Division.

Infinite Renewables are centrally located at Kilmarnock in the heart of Ayrshire.

The Company offers a UK-Wide National Service and has an extensive network of plumbers, installers, electricians and surveyors providing excellent customer service and high-quality services to clients.

Why Buy from Us?

Infinite Renewable Energy Systems stands as a beacon of quality and reliability in the ever-expanding landscape of renewable energy solutions in the UK.

Our commitment to excellence sets us apart from the competition, ensuring that our clients receive not only cutting-edge products but also unparalleled service.

One key advantage lies in our meticulously-curated selection of renewable energy products including Solar PV, Battery Storage Systems, EV Chargers, Air Source Heat Pumps and Boilers.

Our offerings are not only technologically advanced, but also environmentally conscious, reflecting our dedication to providing sustainable solutions. 

When you choose Infinite Renewable Energy Systems you invest in a brighter and greener future.

Unlike other companies that offer cheap, low-quality products, we prioritise durability and efficiency.

Our Solar PV systems harness the latest in photovoltaic technology, maximising energy production.

Our Battery Storage systems ensure seamless energy management, offering reliability in any weather or circumstance.

The EV Chargers we provide are not just charging stations; they are a gateway to the future of transportation.

Additionally, our Air Source Heat Pumps and Boiler Upgrade service delivers heating solutions with minimal environmental impact.

Our team of experts go beyond installation; we offer comprehensive support and guidance, ensuring that each client understands the full potential of their renewable energy investments.

Choose us for top-tier products, unmatched expertise, and a commitment to a sustainable tomorrow.

Elevate your renewable energy experience with Infinite Renewable Energy Systems – where excellence meets innovation.

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