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Inspections & Repairs

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Inspections & Repairs

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The core team at Infinite Renewables have been helping customers and insurance companies with their solar pv and battery storage system repairs for the last 8 years UK wide. Our team are fully qualified Electrical Engineers and solar-trained electricians. Our roofers have been working on installing solar panels for the last 12 years.

If you are having issues with your Solar Pv or Battery storage systems or you are not getting the output that you were promised, then we can help.

What we offer

  • Checking of all solar wiring
  • Poor performance of systems checks and diagnosis
  • Failure of components
  • Generation meter checks and swap outs
  • Repairs through insurance claims(home and company)
  • Panels and inverter repairs
  • Repositioning of panels
  • Testing on the output of both A/C and D/C voltages

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Peace of Mind

Solar systems require regular services to make sure that they are working to their optimum. The inverters are easily removed and swapped over if they are faulty, and we will provide you with a further 10 years warranty on the inverter, following our repairs. Most Inverters work for 5 years before they stop working partially or in full and this will cause your full system to stop functioning.

From large Commercial installations to small domestic installations, we can help with any of your Solar Pv/battery storage or Ev charging needs across the UK.

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Inspections & Repairs
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